Pick/Roll Teaching Points


1. Use the P/R wisely. Don’t overuse.

2. There are 5 P/R angles, but the most effective are the Middle, Angle and Elbow, (Horns).

3. Teach the RE-PICK option on P/R. When they use the first one, have them come right back and use a second one, with the same Big screening both times.

4. To use the Re-Pick as a set play, the first pick is a sloppy one, in order to set up the second one that will be in closer.

5. Runs plays that use multiple P/R.

6. SLIPS are good by the screener, but the best time to slip is when the defender shows himself into vision too soon in a hard show or trap.

7. Don’t overuse Slips or the screener will bail out too often and will set fewer good solid picks.

8. Often follow a Slip with a second P/R, this is sometimes called “Slip One, Pick One”.

9. Teach the screener to change the angle of the pick quickly relative to how the defender is playing the ball……”Flip the Screen”.

10. If the defense is going under the screen, set it lower.

11. If the defense is BLITZING the P/R, set it higher to give more space to the Slip Man…..we call this “Short Roll”. It gives him more space to make a play out of the trap, and is usually a 3/2 situation.

12. The ball handler must lower his INSIDE SHOULDER and turn the corner toward the basket when possible to put pressure on the defense.

13. Do not allow LOOPING in a semi-circle by the ball handler.

14. Screeners must SPRINT IN and OUT of Picks.

15. The ball handler should first “juke” ore “sell” the defense away from the direction he wants to go to be able to use the pick effectively, just as a player would do in a 1 on 1 situation.

16. Utilize DOUBLE PICKS for the P/R by popping the shooter and rolling the non-shooter.

17. Screeners must ROLL HARD to the basket…no dancing or shuffling of the feet.

18. Screening and Rolling hard is an unselfish act by the Bigs to create offense for someone else, but can also result is his getting an easy scoring opportunity.

19. Set a  Pick on the Screener by the SHOOTER, (2 or 3) to free up the Picker to get a better pick at the start of the play.

20. Try to avoid using P/R for game winning/tying shots as the defense will trap or switch to prevent an open look.

21. The guards must “Pull” the ball two dribbles past the Pick.

22. Teach the pocket pass with both hands.

23. Create a SINGLE SIDE BUMP as much as possible.

24. The 5 P/R Angles are: 1) Side 2) Middle 3) Step Up 4) Elbow 5) Angle

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