It’s a Make or Miss League….




clippers-wp-12-1920-1There is plenty of thought, discussion, philosophy and debate over style of offensive play. Motion, set plays, passing game, drive/kick……they all have their merits and effectiveness. No matter what style a coach chooses to play, the end result is to create an open shot. How you get there is a matter of using personnel, etc…..but once there, the shot is either made or missed. There will be a few games each year when the coaches come off the court, (usually after a loss), and say, “It’s a make or miss league and we didn’t make enough tonight”. I have seen and heard this at every level. That is why SHOOTING is so critical. It is without a doubt the most practiced skill and must be done with purpose. So much goes into creating an open shot; screening, passing, proper spacing, and timing all play a part. But the end result of the shot itself is whether it is made or missed. 

The importance of shooting with a purpose is paramount. Without getting into the specifics of shooting techniques, (that will definitely come later….I have some strong thoughts on that), let’s take a look at what I think every shooting workout, regardless of position, should include. 

1. Lay Ups…..traditional, reverse, same hand/same foot, floaters, power, baby hook, Euro Step. All done with both hands, from both sides and different angles.

2. Catch/Shoot……depending on the position and type of shot that player will realistically get in a game. These should include coming off screens from different angles, running the lanes, trailing the play, ball coming out of the post, and drive/kick situations.

3. Off the Dribble…….including any Pick/Roll situation, transition, attacking a close out, any 1 on 1 move which includes a dribble, Post Moves, being “Run Off” the 3 point line.

4. Bank Shooting…..from the 45 degree angle on both sides.

5. 3 Point Shooting…..for those players for which it is applicable. These should include off the dribble, spot shooting, sliding to an open area (D/K, or off P/R), and transition.

6. Spot Shooting.

7. Free Throws.

However you design the workout involves many factors. I feel that these 7 types of shots will maximize the workout………”Make or Miss League”……

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