Wishful Thinking….

On this Christmas Eve, (and miraculously, no game), I got to thinking about what I would put on a “Wish List” which would benefit all of those who are involved with this great game. So….here it goes……

1. Shorten the college shot clock to 24 seconds……

2. Require that all states have a shot clock in high school, preferably 35 seconds…….

3. Reduce the NBA preseason schedule from 8 games to 4, thereby not requiring so many back to backs during the regular season.

4. Allow high schools in ALL STATES have unlimited summer practices…..if the kids want to improve and put in the time, the HS coaches are the ones who should being doing the teaching.

5. Limit the AAU schedule to 2 weeks in the summer.

6. Change the mandatory media timeouts in college from under every 4 minutes to under every 5 minutes, (14:59, 9:59 and 4:59)…….

7. On the national level, do not allow teams from the 6th grade level and younger to PRESS. Teach them to pick up half court and play man defense only. This will help teach more effective offense and defense.

8. The average “Fan” would understand how much coaching, (including scouting, game preparation, film work and planning) goes into a single NBA game. And that this average fan could understand that it is 10 times more time consuming in the playoffs.

9. Parents would let youth league coaches coach….and that youth league coaches would understand they are teachers first….wins and losses don’t really matter until the HS Varsity level.

10. Kids would play more 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 in the half court….with a team waiting for “next”….this is how you learn to play AND compete…….

11. Young kids would understand that “fresh” gear and kicks don’t really make a difference in whether you can play or not…….

12. Transfers in college should be eligible the next season without having to sit out….assuming they are in good academic standing…..coaches “transfer” jobs without the penalty of sitting out……why should players not be treated the same?

13. Officials who cannot toss a jump ball correctly should not be allowed to officiate…….

14. Every HS player would have the privilege and experience of playing for coaches like Don Showalter, Ed Azzam, Harvey Kitani, Pete Vaz, Kenny Hoffpauir, Jeff Schmidt or Jess Miramontes……

15. Thanks to all who have taken time to read this blog…….it really is a labor of love……thanks for all of the positive feedback and encouragement……hope you win ’em all in 2015….Go Clips…


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